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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

 Full text articles
Soft tissue development around pontic site: A case series
Sarita Joshi Narayan, Pranav Kumar Singh, Achut R Devarhubli, R Keerthi
Management of a rare case of idiopathic multiple unerupted impacted permanent teeth in an adult female patient
Karunakar Shetty, Mahesh Kumar, Susan Amanna, Srirangarajan Sridharan, Satyanarayan Reddy
Fabrication of new restorations with a consideration of oral hygiene
Swati Ahuja, Russell Wicks, Audrey Selecman
A simplified approach to rehabilitate an ocular defect: Ocular prosthesis
Darshana Choubisa
Disclusion time reduction therapy in treating occluso-muscular pains
Prafulla Thumati, Robert B Kerstein, Roshan P Thumati
Assessment of implant stability during various stages of healing placed immediately following extraction in an overdenture situation
Ashwin Thomas Koshy, T Aby Mathew, Nicholas Mathew, Angel Mary Joseph
Lost wax-bolus technique to process closed hollow obturator with uniform wall thickness using single flasking procedure
Pravinkumar G Patil, Smita Nimbalkar-Patil
A comparative evaluation of the reliability of three methods of assessing gingival biotype in dentate subjects in different age groups: An in vivo study
Sarfaraz Memon, Jayanti R Patel, Rajesh Sethuraman, Ravi Patel, Himanshu Arora
A clinical assessment of the volume of interproximal papilla after definitive prosthesis around immediate and delayed loading implants placed in the maxillary esthetic zone: An in vivo study
Merin George, S Karthigakannan, Giju Baby George, Renji K Paul, Leena Johnson Arakkal, Sam Jose, MK Sowmya, Rushad Hosi Nariman, Prasad D Krishna
Effect of simulated chairside grinding procedures using commercially available abrasive agents on the surface properties of zirconia
Ramandeep Sandhu, Mohit Kheur, Supriya Kheur
A study on the wear of enamel caused by monolithic zirconia and the subsequent phase transformation compared to two other ceramic systems
Amreen Rupawala, Smita I Musani, Pallavi Madanshetty, Ramandeep Dugal, Umang D Shah, Ektaa J Sheth
Analysis of Helkimo index for temporomandibular disorder diagnosis in the dental students of Faridabad city: A cross-sectional study
Sapna Rani, Salil Pawah, Sunil Gola, Mansha Bakshi
Impact of occlusal support and perceived chewing ability on oral health-related quality of life among patients attending a private dental institution in India
Seebu Dhingra, Gururaghavendran Rajesh, Ashwini Rao, Umesh Y Pai, Ramya Shenoy, Mithun Pai
Case-based learning: A study to ascertain the effectiveness in enhancing the knowledge among interns of an Indian dental institute
Kamal Shigli, YB Aswini, Deepti Fulari, Banashree Sankeshwari, Dayanand Huddar, M Vikneshan

 Coming soon

1.  Effect of head posture on tooth contacts in dentate and complete denture wearers using computerised occlusal analysis system
2.  Evaluation and comparison of shear bond strength of porcelain to a beryllium free alloy of nickel-chromium, nickel and beryllium free alloy of cobalt-chromium and titanium: an invitro study
3.  Antifungal response of oral-associated candidal reference strains (ATCC) by Super critical Fluid Extract (SFE) of Nutmeg seeds for geriatric denture wearers -In vitro screening study
4.  Comparison of resistance to fracture between three types of permanent restorations subjected to shear force: an in vitro study
5.  Comparative 3D finite element analysis of jaw protocols in two materials.
6.  The potential of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) peel extract, combined with DFDBBX to reduce ridge resorption and alveolar bone regeneration in preserving the tooth extraction socket
7.  Ultrasonic evaluation of influence of hard acrylic resin denture on blood flow of mandibular denture supporting mucosa utilizing Duplex color Doppler studies –An invivo study
8.  Comparison of photographic and conventional methods for tooth shade selection. A clinical evaluation.
1.  Re-fabrication of an Implant-Retained Auricular Prosthesis using Clip Attachment Pick-Up Technique – A Case Report
1.  Systematic analysis on efficacy of bone enhancement methods used for success in dental implants.