The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society

: 2018  |  Volume : 18  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 104-

30. “Precision redefined with biometric gadgets”

Shwetha Poovani 
 Rajarajeswari Dental College and Hospital

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Poovani S. 30. “Precision redefined with biometric gadgets”.J Indian Prosthodont Soc 2018;18:104-104

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Poovani S. 30. “Precision redefined with biometric gadgets”. J Indian Prosthodont Soc [serial online] 2018 [cited 2019 Sep 20 ];18:104-104
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Biometric gadgets helps in the computerized analysis of the teeth, jaw joint, and related muscles using set tools known as biopak. This includes the t-scan iii for the teeth ,bio emgiii, jaw tracker,(jt),and bio jva(joint vibration analysis) for accurate diagnosis and treatment of tmds .the objective of these gadgets is to reduce a patients occlusal adaptive requirements.. Any procedure that changes the vertical, lateral or anteroposterior position of the mandible can require adaptive changes by the teeth, muscles and or temporomandibular joints .while many patients are able to adapt. It’s the objective of these equipment’s to reduce patients adaptive requirements .it helps to diagnose and improve functionality within the stomatognathic system that focuses on idealizing both craniofacial function and aesthetics .. The present case study discusses the combined use of joint vibration analysis , emg, t-scan and joint tracker for evaluating, diagnosing and treating patient with temporomandibular disorder.